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At the heart of our manufacturing facilities, is a world of endless design possibilities. Brilliantly crafted mirror frames in color finishes of Silver, Grey and Golds, to Cappuccino, Espresso, Wal-Nut and Oak – we design and curate finishes and stains to beautifully match styles from traditional, transitional to modern-day homes and spaces.

Our craftsmanship in Design and Framing of decorative mirrors is measured to the highest of standards -- produced and quality controlled in our own facilities in Canada. We give particular attention to all details of the manufacturing process of each mirror and measure it to the highest of standards, and strive to raise the bar as part of a continuous process. Not only will our approach make your custom frame mirror look the way you've always dreamed of, but you'll also find it easy to place to your designated area.

Our unique platform, empowers any home owner, designer, builder or small-space owner to custom tailor a perfectly fit mirror to their own unique requirement in as little as 3 simply steps. With Mirrorize, you get the perfectly fit mirror of your choosing, every time.